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Event-ManEVENT-MAN Tournament Software

Event management made simple! Event-Man has a feature, function, report and placard for everything you will need, for every type of event. We take pride in our work because you deserve the best. Let us help you look like a super hero.
  • features to administer every tournament format
  • specializing in Round-Robin, Match Play & Pari-mutuels
  • create dynamic club or sponsor branded reports
  • easily generate scoreboards, reports and signage
  • professional customer support, all the time

Below is a list of many (but not all) of the Event-Man features. Click an item below to view more information.

The Cart Sign Builder allows you to create a multitude of different dynamic, professional Cart Signs with your own logo, a sponsor logo, or any image file. Add your welcoming text, change the font, font color and style for each line of text. Event-Man automatically enters Players names onto each card.

Standard Cart Sign
Cart Sign

Cart Sign for Flighted event
Cart Sign - Flight Name

Pace of Play Cart Sign
Cart Sign - Pace of Play

For clubs with 3 nine hole tracks. Reports will treat each 9-holes seperately and put the appropriate 9-hole course name on reports and signage. Scorecards will treat each 9-holes separately, listing the course name and appropriate hole numbers on the front 9 and the back 9.

Scorecard - Distinct 9's

Event-Man allows several easy options for entering players:
  • You can simply select players from drop-down boxes to build your teams and enter them into the event.
  • You can load a spreadsheet of players names along with their index, gender, club affiliation, etc.
  • You can use the "Fast Team Entry" option to type players and add teams on the fly.
  • You can import your external entries from Event-Net or your Tee Times program such as Club Essentials, Chelsea, ForeTees, GolfNet, GHIN TPP, etc.


The "Flight Center" in Event-Man allows you to enter groups of players or teams into flights. You can define multiple flights then select options on how you want the flights to be filled, by index, by score, etc.  Event-Man automatically adds the players into the flights based on your setup criteria.

Several reports are available to view the Teams in each flight:

Teams by Flight with Index/or Handicap
Flights by Team

Teams by Flight with Tee Sheet
Flights with Tee Sheet

Tee Info for 5 Rounds
Tee Info 5-Rounds

There are many other reports for Flight information.

Set up prize categories and amounts. Quickly and easily print out Gift Certificates for the winners. Gift Certificate Gift Certificate


The Handicap-Hound now updates your member roster in Event-Man automatically every day and the new World Handicap System has been implemented. Everything you need to do with handicaps Event-Man can accomplish:
  • Allow players to use a handicap instead of an index (outings, ie.)
  • Use a percentage of the handicap
  • Stroke off the low player
  • Use a percentage of handicap off the low indexed player
  • Use varying handicap percentages (ie. 20/15/10/5)
  • Use varying percentages of Player A/Player B
  • Update player indexes after they are entered into the event
  • Adjust indexes of players in event all at once
  • Allow players a maximum handicap allowed
  • Allow a maximum handicap amount between partners
  • Apply the 'Difference in Par' rule for competitions using multiple sets of tees
  • Combine handicaps for a Team Handicap
  • Use a percentage of Team Handicap
  • Use full handicap for 9-holes
  • Use a decimal for handicap percentages
  • etc, etc, etc
Enter parameters to indicate the total paces from front of green and left or right of green. Event-Man calculates this information and builds you a daily Pin Placement Sheet with Time/Par values. The Report has a Left-To-Right option also. Hole Locations
Event-Man handles every type of Match Play from the simplest 1-day Individual match to the most complex Round-Robin and Traditional Match Play brackets.

Traditional Match Play brackets are easily set up, instantly generated, and updated when the matches are scored. Winners will move on in the bracket and losers go to a consulation bracket or they are out.

Round-Robin Match Play is set up for the 3, 5 or 7 rounds, the round-robin sequencing handles the pairings for each round. Scoring options allow you to post results for each match using points.

League Play allows you to enter the total amount of teams and set up and score the league just like Round-Robin play.

Scorecards will Stroke Off Low, allow for 1/2 Shots or Full Shots (9-holes), Match Play vs. Par, Alternate Shot/Scramble Match, Mixed Match, etc.

Many reports are available related to Match Play.

Scorecard, 9-Hole, 1/2 Shots
Match Play Shotgun
Match Tree 16
Parimutuels are easily set up in Event-Man. You set up races as in a horse race. Each team is assigned a team number. Players bet on teams to Win, Win-Place, or Win-Place-Show. You can even take bets from non-participants. After the race is over, enter the race winners. Event-Man will calculate the payouts for you based on the Wager Pool Amounts. Run many reports to view wagers, odds, payouts, etc. We also have carbon copy bet slips for purchase, a backup slip of each wager is highly recommended! Parimutuel Setup

Print reports for any stage of the Pari-Mutuel process from Team Numbers to Payout Amounts.

Parimutuel Report
You can set up various categories for year long awards that will accumulate points.  Set up your point structure for each category. After each event apply points awarded for top finishers. You can copy the Categories from one event to another for each event that applies to the year long award. The Reports Center offers several reports for year long points standings.
If you are loading a spreadsheet for an "outside" event, a corporate outing or charity event for example, you may add a column for players requesting Rental Clubs and the type of clubs needed (Men's Right Hand - MR, Women's Left Hand - WL).

or - directly in Event-Man you can tag each player needing Rental Clubs and the type of clubs they need. Your Tee Times or Shotgun report will indicate this information for your bag room attendant and/or staff.

Rental Club Report
The Report Center is where you generate and print all available reports that Event-Man offers. There is a vast list of reports to give you all the information, Signage, Scorecards, and Tee info that you and your staff will need to help administer your event.

Event-Man allows you to customize and build your own Report Groups for quick access to your favorites. You may build several groups for different types of events adding multiple reports into each of them.

When generating your Report, you may select options to save the report as a Word format, XL format, or PDF.

Upload your club logo or sponsor logo and your watermarked logo into Event-Man. Event-Man automatically imports the stored image(s) into your reports adding a nice appearance to your printed reports and signage. You can upload different image files for each event.

Proximity marker. Logos and watermarks automatically embed in the report.

Standard Alpha List with Club Logos
Tee Times - Alpha

Round-Robin events are our specialty and Event-Man provides all the set up functions to make it easy.

Using the Round-Robin Sequence feature Event-Man will automatically pair all of your teams with their next opponent for each round. After you fill your flights and set up each round, click one button and you have generated your Round-Robin pairings for every round of play.

The Report Center offers a vast selection of reports to make it easy to view your Round-Robin information.

Teams by FLight with Tee Sheet
Flights with Tee Sheet

Tee Info 5 Rounds
Tee Info - 5 Rounds

Many more reports are available for Round Robin play.

Event-Man offers several solutions for your tournament scoreboards. A numerous list of Scoreboard Reports are offered on a variety of paper sizes and styles and can be generated and printed instantly.

For those using "Stripslider" scoreboards, we offer several reports to print on our peel-and-stick labels to adhere to the stripslider stock.

You can also use the Event-Man's Mail Merge feature along with a desktop publishing program (like Microsoft Publisher) to design your own custom scoreboards or re-design one of our templates. This feature is popular for those utilizing a "wide-format" printer to print 24" - 42" wide scoreboards.

Also, Event-TV offers a leaderboard type scoreboard capable of displaying on a monitor, projector screen or television(s). see Event-TV for more info on this

(images have been reduced to fit this screen)

2-Man Member Guest, 8 1/2 x 11
2 Man

2-Man Member Guest w/photo, 8 1/2 x 11
2 Man Pic

2-Man Member Guest w/photo, 8 1/2 x 14
2 Man 814

Pro-3 Am, 8 1/2 x 14
4 Man

2-Man Member Guest, peel & stick Labels for Stripslider Scoreboards

2 Man Round Robin, 36" wide publisher template - using Event-Man's Mail Merge feature

5 Man Team, using Event-TV

Event-Man has a scorecard for every format of play. All of the scorecard setup options are taken into account and automatically generate names, handicaps, %'s, shots, half shots, combined team handicaps, tee assignaments, logos, tee times, shotgun hole, date and more onto the scorecards.

See a few examples below to see how Event-Man designs a dynamic, professional Scorecard:

9-hole 1/2 Shot
9-Hole 1/2 Shot

9-hole Full Shot
9-Hole Full Shot


50% Handicap - 25% of the combined
Scramble card

2 Person Team Stroked
2-Person Team card

2 Person Team - Front 9 Scramble - Back 9 Best Ball
Scramble and Best Ball card

5 Person Team - Pro-Am
5-Person Team card


Event-Man provides a Scoring Option for every format type. Select the Scoring Option related to the format of your event. Upon entering scores Event-Man will do all of the calculations based on Net, Best Ball, variable Best Ball, Stableford Points, Quota Points, Callaway, Peoria and so much more. Scoring options also include Match Play, Round-Robin and League play.

Scorecard Options

Post scores Hole By Hole or by Total Scole. Event-Man will apply all calculations regarding handicaps, handicap percentages, handicap rules, etc.

1 of several Scoring Summary reports

Scoring Summary

Select a Player from your database or add a new player, Event-Man will generate a report sized and ready to print on sheets of 9 or 14 club shaft labels (Greenbriar Golf).

Shaft Labels

Event-Man uses Player information to generate various Cards and Signs to give your Tournament a very impressive display. Print Locker Signs for your Guests, Bag Labels, Cart Signs, Drink Tickets, Driving Range Name Plates, Name Tags, Place Setting Cards and much more...

Locker Sign
Locker Sign

Cart Sign
Cart Sign

Drink Ticket
Drink Ticket

Range Plate
Range Plate

Shaft Labels
Shaft Labels

Proximity Marker
Proximity Marker


The Skins Pool can be set up for Team Skins or Individual Skins. You can enter all players into pools or selected players into different pools. After you have entered your hole-by-hole scores Event-Man will look through the scores for each hole and find the Skin Winners. You can View Pool Amounts, View Skins, view Skin Payouts and generate Hole-by-Hole Scoring reports for Skins

Skins Pool

Event-NetEVENT-NET Online Registration

Event-Net©Online Registration is a golf tournament registration program that allows your members to log in and sign up for your events online. It is completely integrated with the Event-Man Tournament Software.  Players go online, log in, select the event(s) they would like to participate in and sign up. Once the registration is complete, the entries list can be downloaded directly into the Event-Man program. No more typing!


The Event-Net Administrator allows you to add your season schedule and control when to activate and terminate the event sign-up deadlines. You can enter details to display the events agenda and format, collect Guest Hcap ID #'s, Club Affiliation, Shirt Size, etc, and allow for tee time requests and much more.

In the Email Center you can compose and send email blasts for Event information, Entry Confirmations, Tee Time Notifications and much more.

Because Event-Net is integrated with Event-Man, you can upload the event Pairings and Scores to view online. You can also display a web page with links to all aspects of the event including Details, Pairings, Leaderboards, Photos and Summary for your participants to view online. This page can be made public or can be accessed by members only.

Main Event

Event-Net also enables you to use unique URL's to view only Leaderboards or Pairings etc. for each event.


Please let us know if we can answer any questions.


The Handicap Hound goes out to the GHIN system and fetches your clubs Index Revision file and updates your Event-Man member roster daily, saving you from looking up or importing player handicap information.

You can also use The Hound to:

  • Update All Players in Event-Man with a GHIN #
  • Fetch current index for ALL Players in your event - including Guests!
  • Look Up By Name
  • Look Up By GHIN #
  • Look Up Player's Lowest Index Year to Date
  • Update the player's record in Event-Man to the Lowest Index Year to Date
  • Get Revision History:  Last 20 Scores and Last 24 Index Revisions
  • View Your Last Update Log
  • Retrieve email addresses from GHIN Server Data and pass it into Event-Man
  • Post Tournament Scores
  • Review Posted Scores

Please contact us anytime if you have any questions about the Hound or the new World Handicap System.


Event-TVEVENT-TV Leaderboard

Event-TV is an electronic Tournament Scoreboard integrated with your Event-Man Tournament Software. It will project your Leaderboard, Tee Times, Team Photos, Slide Show, Skins, Welcome Message and more through your monitor, projector screen or TV(s).

You can design your own background and font colors and import a header image file that will appear on your 'show'.

Set up your show format and run Event-TV. It's that easy.

Event-TV Pairings

Event-TV Leaderboard

Round Robin Leaderboard
RR Scores


Event-NetGO CLUB Mobile Scoring App

We strive to meet all your expectations for comprehensive, user-friendly tournament software. That said, we are excited to join Go Club and offer our clients the best in mobile scoring. Go Club mobile apps are the most impressive we’ve seen and offer innovative features and versatility like no other.

Go Club


Provide your outing customers with a custom app for every event.  Enable charities to share their vision and mission statement with the world.  Give your event participants access to best in-class GPS, live scoring and leaderboard while allowing them to upload photos and bid on auction items all from their phones.

Go Club


For more information visit GoClubGolf.com online


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