Event-Man Tournament Software

EVENT-MAN Tournament Software

  "When you need faster and more powerful"

Why choose EVENT-MAN

Because you need faster and more powerful.
Event-Man began in 1997 and has grown extensively by listening to Professionals and Administrators that use the system, meeting your needs and expectations for comprehensive, user-friendly tournament software. Our sole purpose is to help you run the best golf event and make it as easy as possible at a reasonable cost. So if you are looking at other products, remember to ask:

  • What are the actual costs for an all-inclusive program?
  • Who will support the product off-hours?
  • What if I need something custom or something needs to be fixed now, what is the wait time to accomplish this? 

  With your Annual Subscription to Event-Man you receive:
  • The latest version of Event-Man, and updates and additions throughout the season
  • Newest features to update daily index revisions (WHS GHIN)
  • 24/7 Technical Support - we develop and support our own products
  • Event-TV Electronic Leaderboard
  • Handicap-Hound (Handicap Integration, Lookup and Score Posting to GHIN)

Some of the many features of Event-Man include:

  • Import Outside Players
  • Use Flights
  • Sponsor Logos and Branding
  • Custom Scoreboards
  • Custom Labels and Signage
  • Import Handicaps (members & guests)
  • Match Play Trees
  • Round-Robin Match Play
  • Pari-mutuel module
  • Player of the Year Points
  • Hole Location Sheets
  • Print Gift Certificates
  • Callaway Scoring
  • Skins Pools
  • Golf Club Shaft Labels
  • Distinct 9-hole Golf Courses
 With your Annual Subscription to Event-Net you receive:
  • The latest version of Event-Net
  • 24/7 Technical Support – including website integration, logos and header graphics
  • Online Registration
  • Online Leaderboards
  • Online Tee Times
  • Online Season Schedule
  • Online ‘Event Center’ (Web Portal)

Some of the many features of Event-Net include:

  • Use custom Club or Sponsor Branding
  • Activate and Terminate Sign Up Deadlines
  • Use Wait List when registration is full
  • Send eMail Blasts
  • Display Match Play Trees on your website
  • Display the Event Center - a web page for the event: displays Event Details, Tee Times, Leaderboards, Photos,& Event Summary
  • Integrate Online display pages into your own website – support included

If we can answer any questions regarding our products, features or support please contact us anytime

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